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About us
Ana Ana
I was born in Angola, spent some of my childhood in Mozambique, lived in Belgium for 7 years and in Brazil for other 7, but my soul belongs to Lisbon, I simply love this city!
My passion is to refurbish and decorate old apartments in Historic Lisbon. All the apartments we manage are located in old buildings in Lisbon's oldest neighbourhoods and they are all special to me. I really hope you will enjoy them as much I enjoyed preparing them for you!
Portuguese is my mother tongue and I am fluent in French and English, I also speak Spanish.

Mariana Mariana
I've spent most of my life between the office (where I used to work as a systems analyst) and travelling. I started with Europe when I was young, afterwards I used to go to South America every year, then to Asia and finally I made a round the world trip for a whole year, just to get a taste of everything, everywhere. Now I left the office to work with my sister Ana and travel in my favourite city every day, it's a dream come true!
I am the one who organizes your stay with us, so you will mainly communicate with me and I can be the one welcoming you when you check in. If you need something during your stay you can contact with me,I am usually in the neighbourhood. Portuguese is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English, I also speak Spanish.

Carla Patricia Raquel
Carla, Patrícia and Raquel
Together with Mariana, we will welcome you and help you during your stay, you can always count on us!
Portuguese is our mother tongue, we are fluent in English and speak Spanish.

Miguel Miguel
I was born in Angola, lived in China for 10 years and travelled a lot all my life, especially in Europe, USA and Asia. It's a pleasure for me to welcome you in Lisbon and show you a bit of my city, I can also organize for you a custom transportation to other places in Portugal.
Portuguese is my mother tongue and I am fluent in English, I also speak Spanish.

Jorge Jorge
I was born and lived all my life in Lisbon, mainly in its typical neighbourhoods that I know by heart. I help Miguel with the transfers and I am so happy to welcome you in my city!
Portuguese is my mother tongue and I am fluent in the universal language of friendlinessfriendliness

Graça Isabel Silvina Sonia Adriana
Graça, Isabel, Silvina, Sonia and Adriana
We are in charge of preparing your apartment. When you arrive, the bed will be made and you will find fresh towels in the bathroom, everything will be organized for you to have a great stay.

Josi Eunice
Host in Lisbon with Josi and Eunice
We are responsible for your apartment's laundry. Our aim is to give you the feeling of cosy and fresh linens with homemade touch. You will feel our care and dedication as soon as you lay down in a lovely bed or after taking a relaxing shower.

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